Wednesday, 3 November 2010

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A  M A N I F E S T O  f o r  A R T S   
a n d  H E A L T H
Thanks to everyone who took part in Fridays first event. A dedicated BLOG is being prepared...

P L A C E B O S  f o r  A R T
The Behring Institute is seeking placebos for art. With these placebos, long-term research on the influence of art on public health will be carried out. Artists, art lovers, professionals as well as amateurs, are being called on to submit proposals for potential art placebos before 1 January 2011.

Relationships between art and healthcare, as well as the influence and effects of art on health, have been studied frequently. The results of many studies indicate a positive outcome with regard to the health of people and suggest that art can lead to the improvement of mental and physical health. For the purpose of a long-term European study on the effects of art on the health of individuals, the Behring Institute now seeks placebos for art, which can be offered to a control group.

Examples and leads can be e-mailed to Mrs. Andersom,, or posted to: Behring Institute, attn: Mw. J. Andersom, Herenmarkt 93F, 1013 EC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Once the selection process has been completed, the submitted documentation can unfortunately not be returned.

For more information, see: Mrs. Andersom of the Behring Institute can be contacted during office hours at

New website

Health professionals can find out how creative activities can benefit people affected by long-term conditions, and locate local voluntary arts/creative groups, on a new website: The site has been created by Voluntary Arts, to raise awareness of the wealth of creative activities that exist in local communities – from choirs to quilt-makers, dance groups to painting societies, drama groups to samba bands – and the health benefits of taking part.

K E E P  L E A R N I N G  
S E M I N A R S 
19 November–11 December 

Building on the positive momentum from 2008, the arts and cultural sector have played a significant role in Liverpool’s Year of Health & Wellbeing. We know that arts and culture impact on our sense of self individually and collectively, and it is increasingly important that we find ways to articulate why this is the case.  We are promoting these events as a series to NHS staff, researchers, clinicians and GP’s to raise awareness of the scope, quality and value of this work in the City, and with the hope of engaging more health professionals and researchers in the work going forward, both to raise awareness of Liverpool’s innovation in this area of work and to develop collaborations longer-term as we embark on a Decade of Health and Wellbeing.

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