Friday, 17 December 2010

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2011


Our annual open film submission gives filmmakers the opportunity to share their work and ideas with audiences across Scotland and internationally. The festival is committed to finding and celebrating the work of filmmakers who explore mental health in film. In its broadest sense ‘mental health’ is a term which touches most aspects of our lives; from our relationships to how we respond to the world around us. We’re looking for films which show that mental health is something we all have, and something we all need to prioritise from time to time.

Previous winning submissions have looked at topics such as moving home, ageing, grief, loss, endurance, support, friendship, equality, sport, music, childhood as well as films about specific diagnoses or conditions.

Entry is free. The closing date for entries is Friday 6th May 2011. Please visit the website for more information. Email for submission guidelines and entry form.

The fifth annual Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival will take place across Scotland throughout October 2011. 

Measuring the Value of Culture: a report to the Department for Culture Media and Sport 
Dr. Dave O’Brien

The cultural sector faces the conundrum of proving its value in a way that can be understood by decision-makers. Arts and cultural organisations face a ‘cooler climate’ than the one that prevailed during the early 2000s. As a result it will not be enough for arts and culture to resort to claiming to be a unique or special case compared with other government sectors. Since the 1980s the value of the cultural sector has been demonstrated through the lens of ‘impact’, whether economic or social. However in recent years there has been recognition, both within central government and in parts of the publically funded cultural sector, of the need to more clearly articulate the value of culture using methods which fit in with central government’s decision-making. Thus the cultural sector will need to use the tools and concepts of economics to fully state their benefits in the prevailing language of policy appraisal and evaluation.

Full report can be found at:  

S C E N A R I O S in Arts and Health
Following on from the ongoing M A N I F E S T O events and building on an emerging, shared vision, MMU will be hosting a free event on the 23rd September 2011 to explore where the arts/health agenda is in relation to the ongoing financial downturn; government changes and cuts; and societal shift, to explore our future practice over a generation. Places will be strictly limited to this event and you can register your interest at (this does not guarantee a place). 

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