Friday, 8 July 2011

Nothing but our thanks...

I have been overwhelmed by people’s responses to the Head to Head session last week at MMU. THANK YOU. In short, the event was superb, with 6 dynamic and exciting speakers sharing work of beauty, diversity and that challenged us. I want to say a big thanks to the speakers:

Mike White
Margret Meagher
David Doyle
Kate Wells
Ann O'Connor
Peter Wright

A great contribution from you all and I hope to share some of your presentations with participants from the event.

I have had a request from Peter Wright, who gave his card to someone at the event, only it had some notes on the back that he'd like! If you're the lucky owner of that card, could you get in touch with me directly?

As part of the Critical Mass events happening across the North of England, we also concluded the first stage of the m a n i f e s t o events and in between now and October, the meat is being put on the flesh. An especially big thanks to Ali Clough and Jay Haigh at the Looking Well in Bentham for launching this next phase so wonderfully last week.

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