Sunday, 10 November 2013

lost for words...

 ...just a few small words from your disjointed blogger...following last weeks news of the inequalities in cultural spending up and down England, as if by magic, this week’s blog brings you the state’s response - well Arts Council England’s ‘refreshed’ version of Great Art and Culture for Everyone. As with last weeks news on inequalities in spending on the arts, this latest fanfare comes with no comment from me. Why? Because vitriol and bile come easy to me. You decide what you think, but considering the expose last week, I feel the manifesto is due an update!  Black clouds over Sydney. I'll update this blog for anyone who's interested in all things Australian as the week progresses.

Great art and culture for everyone
The purpose of this Arts Council England update is to bring together our remit for the arts with that for museums and libraries for the first time.
The following five goals are at the heart of our strategy:
Goal 1: Excellence is thriving and celebrated in the arts, museums and libraries
Goal 2: Everyone has the opportunity to experience and to be inspired by the arts, museums and libraries
Goal 3: The arts, museums and libraries are resilient and environmentally sustainable
Goal 4: The leadership and workforce in the arts, museums and libraries are diverse and appropriately skilled
Goal 5: Every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts, museums and libraries
The refreshed framework aims to be clearer about what success looks like, and how we will know whether we're achieving our mission of Great art and culture for everyone.

Wellcome Trust – Arts Awards 
The Wellcome Trust is inviting organisations and individuals to apply for funding through its Arts Awards. The Arts Awards support projects that engage the public with biomedical science through the arts including dance, drama, performance arts, visual arts, music, film, craft, photography, creative writing or digital media. Applications are invited for projects of up to £30,000 through their small grants programme, and for projects above £30,000 through their large grant programme. The aim of the awards is to support arts projects that reach new audiences which may not traditionally be interested in science and provide new ways of thinking about the social, cultural and ethical issues around contemporary science. The scheme is open to a wide range of people including, among others, artists, scientists, curators, filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, academics, science communicators, teachers, arts workers and education officers. The next application deadline for small projects is the 28th February 2014, and the 24th January 2014 for large projects. Read more at

Wellcome Trust - Peoples Awards
Awards of up to £30,000 are available under the Wellcome Trust's “Peoples” Awards for projects that encourage public debate and understanding of biomedical science. Projects can include:
· Workshops and seminars; arts projects for a variety of different audiences and age groups
· Teaching materials or techniques to encourage wider discussions
· Projects that utilise the collections of the Wellcome Library and the Wellcome Collection at the Science Museum.
Funding can be for up to three years. Applications can be made by a wide variety of individuals, organisations and partnerships. The next applications deadline is the 31st January 2014.  The Trust also makes “Society” Awards.  These are grants in excess of £30,000.  The next preliminary application deadline for “Society” Awards is 5pm on the 28 March 2014. Read more at:

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