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The wonderful Pool Arts' up and coming exhibition at Peoples History Museum Manchester, launches on Saturday 5th April 2014. All are welcome to join them to celebrate the culmination of their research in to the legal history and surrounding debates about the incarceration of those people labelled as ‘Furiously Mad” in 1714, through to more recent developments in the treatment of the “Mentally Ill.” The show features an interactive timeline, a route through the legal developments and art works created specifically by individual artists in response to the subject. This will be brilliant and I can't wait to attend.

I AM – Memoirs of Addiction Recovery 
Arts for Health and Portraits of Recovery are seeking 10 people from Greater Manchester to participate in a completely free, 4 day artist-led workshop that explores recovery from substance misuse through self-portraiture. 

What is it? 
I AM is a European project all about linking culture and the arts with people in recovery from substance misuse. We want to tell a story, shine a light, blow away the myths and stand proud. We want to generate new possibilities for people in recovery by challenging and changing attitudes. 

What’s in it for you? 
The opportunity to work with international artists to discover new ways of looking and thinking about addiction recovery. 

What will happen? 
Spanish artist, Cristina Nuñez will guide you in the creation of collaborative self-portraits. Then you’ll create your own, by translating emotional pain into art. 
Turkish film and sound installation artist Selda Asal will support you to express who you are, what you think, and explore your future hopes, using a variety of techniques including film, lyric writing, animation and editing. 

When & where? 
14 to 17 April from 10.00am – 4.00pm at Manchester Metropolitan University, just off Oxford Road. Attendance is only given to people who have registered and been offered a place.

About you? 
Ideally you will have 6 months clean time 
Not be in employment 
Have an interest in art 
Live in Greater Manchester 

How to get involved? 
Register your interest/reserve a place/make enquiries: or visit 

Watching My Dreams Go By
The artist Cathy Ward has made a stunning short film based on responses to the recent Madge Gill retrospective. She describes making the film to show the sentiments of the time of the late 1930s & 1940s, of romance, love & loss. 

“How people coped with the devastation the war years had on them. Madge Gill’s street was hit by a V2 and many other bombs the V1- Vergeltungswaffe, Maikäfer - Doodlebug, Kirschkern - Cherry Stone, by the German Luffwaffe in the devastating London Blitz and I felt this could have impacted greatly on her view of the world & the fragmentation of her architectural images.”  

“Though there’s no way anyone will understand quite exactly what was in her mind, questions of why & how she used these images, of repeatedly incorporating faces, wings, and flights of stairs. It was a genuinely unique vision she had undoubtedly.. But with the archival films I wanted to incorporate actual images of bomb damaged Newham where she lived, films of London, & snips from popular culture films like Powell & Pressburger’s 'A question of life & death' 1946 because film was a tremendously powerful medium, its surreal visuals expressed sentiments how the nation was mourning those lost in war, ideas of Heaven & the afterlife.”  

“For us now it’s impossible to understand what it was like to have lived through such hardship on a daily basis. Gill had been using images from spiritualism in her work as it was so very popular medium since the overwhelming deaths incurred from the WW1 & the epidemic of Spanish Flu which followed it. I’ve chosen these songs with their beautiful lyrics & yearnings for loved ones, voices speaking from another era which are both bitter sweet & sad. The animated portrait to 'Songs my mother taught me' is Pamela Thorp my mother, taken when she was young & a nurse at University College London, a central hospital in the war years.” Click on the image below to see Cathy's film.

Funding for Digital Projects with a Social Impact 
The Nominet Trust which provides funding and support to imaginative social technology ventures has announced that the next funding round of its Social Tech Seed Investment Programme is open for applications. Social Tech Seed is an investment programme that offers early-stage investment of between £15,000 and £50,000 to entrepreneurs who are looking to develop new ventures using digital for social impact. This programme will provide funding and support to help entrepreneurs nurture, develop and test their ideas. The Trust is looking for applications that demonstrate the potential of technology to tackle some of the big social issues in sectors including:
Healthcare and the environment.
There is a two stage application process and the deadline for stage 1 applications is noon on the 2nd April 2014. Read more at

British Academy - 
Small Research Grants 
The British Academy for the Humanities and Sciences has announced that the next closing date for its Small Research Grants on the 16th April 2014. Under the Small Research Grants programme grants of up to £10,000 over two years are available to UK research institutions to support primary research in the humanities and social sciences. All applications should demonstrate that Academy funds are sought for a clearly defined, discrete piece of research, which will have an identifiable outcome on completion of the Academy-funded component of the research. Read more at:

Wellcome Trust - 
Peoples and Society Awards
Funding is available under the Wellcome Trust's Peoples and Society Awards for projects that encourage public debate and understanding of biomedical science. The People Awards (up to and including £30,000) are for innovative and creative projects in the UK and/or the Republic of Ireland that engage the public with biomedical science and/or the history of medicine. They can fund small-to-medium-sized one-off projects or projects that pilot new ideas with an aim to scale up or become sustainable following the grant, or they can part-fund larger projects. Society Awards (above £30,000) can fund the scaling-up of successfully piloted projects (whether funded through People Awards or through other means) or can fund projects that are more ambitious in scale and impact than is possible through a People Award. Society Award projects would normally expect to reach audiences with a wide geographical spread across the UK and/or Republic of Ireland. They can also part-fund larger projects. Funding can be for up to three years.
Applications can be made by a wide variety of individuals, organisations and partnerships. The next closing date for applications for the People Awards is the 25th April 2014 and the 28th March or the Society Awards. Read more at:

The Wellcome Trust – 
Broadcast Development Awards 
The Wellcome Trust's Broadcast Development Awards(BDA) support the development of broadcast proposals in any genre that engage the audience with issues around biomedical science in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way. The Trust is interested in funding individuals and organisations with brilliant early-stage ideas for TV, radio, new media or gaming projects. The funding will enable these ideas to be developed into high-impact, well-researched proposals that can be used to secure a broadcast platform and/or further funding. Development funds might be used to undertake thorough research, create a taster tape, develop a script, or build a game prototype or mood reel. The project should primarily be aimed at a mainstream UK and/or Republic of Ireland audience in the first instance, although the subject matter can be international. Broadcast Development Awards are up to £10 000, for a maximum of one year.

The next closing date for applications is the 17th April 2014. Read more at:

...from furiously mad to melancholia and feeling strangely positive about the possibilities of the smallest moments amidst all this infinity...

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