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Die in the Past, Live in the Future...

Un grandissimo grazie a tutti voi che  avete partecipato agli eventi per il Recoverist Manifesto a Pistoia e Pescara questa settimana. Io e Cristina siamo stati contentissimi di essere stati accolti in maniera tanto meravigliosa da tutti voi. Grazie infinite. Adesso che abbiamo condiviso un po' di  idee, di passioni e di sogni su quel che vogliamo, butteremo tutte le nostre parole in un pentolone e inizieremo a cuocere un po' di deliziosa poesia a fuoco lento. Le vostre parole, e le nostre aspirazioni. Ancora una volta - grazie - per aver partecipato, organizzato, per esservi messi alla prova ed aver condiviso. Non appena avremo una prima bozza del Recoverist Manifesto, la condividermo con tutti voi tramite i nostri amici di FeDerSerD e Gruppo Incontro.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in coming to the networking event and presentation with Mike White on Thursday evening between 4:00 and 6:30. As I said in last week’s blog posting, I’ll confirm places by email on Tuesday and of course, where the event will take place in the university. Last places before Tuesday 13:00 by registering at 

A short and sweet blog this week. Light on polemic but littered with funding, commissions and Aphorisms on Futurism (1914) by Mina Loy. (part 1)

Artists commissions at The Walton Centre
As part of the major development of a new 3 storey building at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust, LIME Arts wish to commission visual artists for three separate projects at £12k, £9k and £12k. More details by clicking on The Waltons below!

Wellcome Trust - Peoples and Society Awards 
Funding is available under the Wellcome Trust's Peoples and Society Awards for projects that encourage public debate and understanding of biomedical science. Projects can include:
Workshops and seminars
Arts projects for various different audiences and age groups
Teaching materials or techniques to encourage wider discussions; etc.
The People Awards (up to and including £30,000) are for innovative and creative projects in the UK and/or the Republic of Ireland that engage the public with biomedical science and/or the history of medicine. They can fund small-to-medium-sized one-off projects or projects that pilot new ideas with an aim to scale up or become sustainable following the grant, or they can part-fund larger projects.

Society Awards (above £30,000) can fund the scaling-up of successfully piloted projects (whether funded through People Awards or through other means) or can fund projects that are more ambitious in scale and impact than is possible through a People Award. Society Award projects would normally expect to reach audiences with a wide geographical spread across the UK and/or Republic of Ireland. They can also part-fund larger projects. Funding can be for up to three years. Applications can be made by a wide variety of individuals, organisations and partnerships.

The next closing date for applications for the People Awards is the 25th July 2014 and the 3rd October for the Society Awards. Read more by clicking on the snazzy pullover below! 

Music Grants for Older People 
The registered charity, Concertina which makes grants to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 31st October 2014. The charity is particular keen to support smaller organisations which might otherwise find it difficult to gain funding. Since its inception in 2004, Concertina has made grants to a wide range of charitable organisations nationwide in England and Wales. These include funds to many care homes for the elderly to provide musical entertainment for their residents.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Launches Two New Funding Programmes 
The Lloyds Bank Foundation for England & Wales has announced the launch of two new grants programmes to replace its flagship "Communities Programme". The aim is to support projects that help people over the age of 17 who are experiencing multiple disadvantage at one of the critical points in their life. The funding programmes are "Invest" which is a flexible, long term core funding programme for charities helping disadvantaged people. Grants are up to £25,000 per year for two or three years, with the opportunity for continuation funding for up to six years in total. "Enable" which is a smaller and shorter grants programme for charities that have identified clear development needs. This funding aims to help the organisations deliver their mission more effectively. These grants are up to a total £15,000 over two years. The funding is available to registered charities and charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) with an income of between £25,000 and £1 million. To be eligible, organisations are expected to be working with people 17 years or older, experiencing multiple disadvantage at one of the critical points in their life. The only exceptions are young people who are under 17 years of age and young parents or looked after children and disabled young people moving into independent living.

There are no closing dates and applications can be submitted at any time. Read more by clicking on the twins below.

DIE in the Past
Live in the Future.

THE velocity of velocities arrives in starting.

IN pressing the material to derive its essence, matter becomes deformed.

AND form hurtling against itself is thrown beyond the synopsis of vision.

THE straight line and the circle are the parents of design, form the basis of art; there is no limit to their coherent variability.

LOVE the hideous in order to find the sublime core of it.

OPEN your arms to the dilapidated; rehabilitate them.

YOU prefer to observe the past on which your eyes are already opened.

BUT the Future is only dark from outside.

Leap into it—and it EXPLODES with Light.

FORGET that you live in houses, that you may live in yourself—

FOR the smallest people live in the greatest houses.

BUT the smallest person, potentially, is as great as the Universe.

WHAT can you know of expansion, who limit yourselves to compromise?

HITHERTO the great man has achieved greatness by keeping the people small.

BUT in the Future, by inspiring the people to expand to their fullest capacity, the great man proportionately must be tremendous—a God.

LOVE of others is the appreciation of oneself.

MAY your egotism be so gigantic that you comprise mankind in your self-sympathy.

THE Future is limitless—the past a trail of insidious reactions.

LIFE is only limited by our prejudices. Destroy them, and you cease to be at the mercy of yourself.

TIME is the dispersion of intensiveness.

THE Futurist can live a thousand years in one poem.

HE can compress every aesthetic principle in one line.

THE mind is a magician bound by assimilations; let him loose and the smallest idea conceived in freedom will suffice to negate the wisdom of all forefathers.

LOOKING on the past you arrive at “Yes,” but before you can act upon it you have already arrived at “No.”

THE Futurist must leap from affirmative to affirmative, ignoring intermittent negations—must spring from stepping-stone to stone of creative exploration; without slipping back into the turbid stream of accepted facts.

THERE are no excrescences on the absolute, to which man may pin his faith.

TODAY is the crisis in consciousness.

CONSCIOUSNESS cannot spontaneously accept or reject new forms, as offered by creative genius; it is the new form, for however great a period of time it may remain a mere irritant—that molds consciousness to the necessary amplitude for holding it.

CONSCIOUSNESS has no climax.

Mina Loy, "Aphorisms on Futurism" from The Last Lunar Baedeker, published by Jargon Press. Copyright © 1982 by Mina Loy. Reprinted by permission of The Estate of Mina Loy.

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