Monday, 13 October 2014

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1000 Shadows
Following on from my brief World Mental Health Day posting (below), I caught a glimpse of Brazilian street artist, Herbert Baglione, who has been busy adding shadows to a long-abandoned psychiatric institution in Parma, Italy  The project is called 1000 Shadows. Find out more by clicking on the image above.

The Stirling Prize 2014
Arts for Health is part of the research institute MIRIAD in the Manchester School of Art at MMU, which this year is an outsider in the annual architectural awards, Stirling Prize 2014. OK, so whilst we are outsiders on this esteemed short list, this doesn’t prevent us being very proud of our building, which you can see a short film of, by clicking on the image above. 

The Best Possible Day
A friend has sent me a link to the New York Times and a moving account of terminal illness and the arts, by Atul Gawande. Beautiful. Click above for the full article. Thank you.

The Cosmos
I am a great one for avoiding those Internet links to silly, sensational stories, but this week I did look at these remarkable images of the earth in relation to other planets in and beyond our galaxy. quite, quite profound. Click above.

The Big Love Little Sista Arts Festival - 28th October 2014 
Celebrating creative work with vulnerable women and young girls across the region (funded by Public Health) with a fabulous day of magic, lunch in the party goddess garden, juicy creative healing workshops run by the young women, free gifts and resources made by young women.  This work will be rolled out across the UK in the coming year so if you would like to partner with us this would be a great opportunity to see how we roll! Click below, to buck the trend in clicking.

Creative England and Microsoft Funding for Game Developers 
Creative England and Microsoft have announced that round 2 of their Greenshoots programme is open for applications. Through the programme, 10 grants of £25,000 are available to independent studios to develop games for Xbox one, tablet and mobile devises. The games from Greenshoots Round 1 ranged from underwater shoot ‘em ups and robot-infested puzzle games, to futuristic galaxy battles and crazy golf. All of the games, now released, were showcased back in July to a crowd of industry experts and investors. In addition to the grants, successful applicants will also receive support, mentorship and expertise from Microsoft and industry partners.
Applications close 9am on the 20th October 2014. Read more by clicking on the Spomenik below.

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