Sunday, 29 March 2015


Sound Artist Vic McEwan has been in residence at Alder Hey over the last couple of weeks and I am thrilled at both his primary explorations and the way the community of the hospital have embraced him and all his ideas. I would very much like to share our plans for the next year, but that might be premature. Needless to say, the collaboration is proving fruitful and my personal thanks to Dr Jane Radcliffe and Vicky Charnock for making this all possible. Great things ahead. To find out a little more about Vic and catch up with his online diary, click on the hospital machinery above.

Embarking on some exciting new work in Manchester this last week, I was thrilled to meet new artists and like-minded free thinkers, and hope some of our aspirations come to fruition! It was great sharing my new work Weapons of Mass Happiness, (teaser above) which I’ll publish soon, but it’s made me revisit some earlier writing which I contributed to the exhibition, Mortality: Death and the Imagination curated with Dr Steven Gartside in 2013. So if you want to read my essay from the exhibition catalogue, please click on the Present Tense image below. Following an intense period of work, I’m shutting up shop for a couple of weeks and this blog will keep its door closed. Normal service will resume mid April.


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