Sunday, 1 March 2015

…everything's FINE

Next Tuesday’s networking session here at Manchester School of Art with artist George Khut is between 6:00 and 7:30 and is now booked up. Waiting list is HERE. Venue details will be emailed on Monday to those with reservations.

PARTICIPATE and EVALUATE - GROUP THERAPY: Mental Distress in a Digital Age
We would like to invite you to participate in the evaluation of GROUP THERAPY: Mental Distress in a Digital Age  the forthcoming exhibition at FACT that examines links between technology, society and mental health. The session will employ The Visual Matrix, an innovative approach to evaluation that was created by researchers Lynn Froggett, Alastair Roy and their team at the Psychosocial Research Unit at University of Central Lancashire. The method was developed in response to gaps in the range of processes available to evaluate the experience of interacting with an artwork or exhibition and in particular the emotional and affective aspects of that experience. It is being employed in this context as part of the PhD research of Vanessa Bartlett, who is using it as a tool to evaluate audience response to artwork that deals with mental health. The evaluation session will be followed by an optional discussion with Lynn Froggett, who will explain in detail the thinking behind the process. These activities would suit anyone with an interest in arts and health or innovative forms of evaluation. To find out more go to Vanessa Bartlett’s BLOG, or email her at

What on earth is this? Well for those of you with an interest in Vorticism, you may think it’s an Edward Wadsworth - it’s not. This is an image from Vic McEwan’s work.

The Paddle Steamer Enterprise is the largest functional object at the National Museum of Australia. Launched more than 130 years ago, she is one of oldest working paddle steamers in the world. The Enterprise has worked as a cargo boat, floating store, fishing vessel, houseboat and showboat and now, with Vic McEwan as artist in residence at the National Museum of Australia, it has become part of an installation performance and will be played as a musical instrument. The vessel was launched in 1878 after being built in Echuca from river red gum. These trees, once plentiful along the Murray River, provided a ready source of hardwood for building and powering paddle steamers. The tannin from a handful of eucalyptus leaves thrown into the boiler also prevented the interior walls from corroding. Vic - this boat has stories to tell - we look forward to hearing about the performance and some of those stories when you come to the School of Art in a couple of weeks time. Time and date very soon on this blog - but for now, to whet your appetite - here’s a SNIPPET of Vic playing the boat, and a film below to give you some background.

Artists International Development Fund 
Arts Council England has announced that its Artists International Development Fund will re-open for applications on the 23rd march 2015. This is a £750,000 funding stream for artists to develop links with artists, organisations and/or creative producers in other countries. Freelance and self-employed artists can apply for small grants of £1,000 to £5,000 to spend time building these links to broaden your horizons and open your work to other perspectives. The programme is open to emerging and mid-career artists working in combined arts, literature, music, theatre, dance, visual arts and crafts and design. You must have received recognition for your work in England and not have extensive international experience. Your application must also include a letter of support from the overseas partner/host. The deadline for applications will be 5pm on the 1st May 2015. Read more at:

Funding for Artists & Bands 
The PRS for Music Foundation and Arts Council England have announced that the next application deadline for the Momentum Music Fund is the 2nd June 2015. The Momentum Music Fund is a £500,000 fund to develop the careers of talented artists and bands. It is anticipated that grants of between £5,000 and £15,000 will be awarded to between 50 and 75 artists/bands over the next 2 years. Applications can be submitted by the artists themselves or those who are working on their behalf, e.g. a manager, an independent label or publisher. Priority will be given to those that haven't been funded by PRS for Music Foundation in the previous 12 months. Read more at: 


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