Saturday, 9 May 2015

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What do I do? Do I mention it? Do I move on and keep my head down? Stiff upper lip, and all that. Sometimes I let rip - other times I keep schtum. Perhaps - help me here - is this blog useful as something for a regional network - I know many people that get in touch are certainly not from this little island. Is it polemic and opinion you want, or simply some direction to funding, conferences and job opportunities? Let me know - your vote counts. email

Here’s Matt Carr, an independent voice from Derbyshire who neatly summarises ‘...the Horror’ of this last week.

Whilst not explicitly mentioning that thing that happened this week, in other news, I can tell you that I’m thrilled that the Wellcome Trust are working with Arts for Health to take all our archival and research materials in under their roof, and over this next 5 years as part of their strategic plan, the Arts and Health repository of research and archives will be catalogued and digitised for future generations and be part of the freely accessible Wellcome Library, Special Collections. This is a fantastic move and I’m personally grateful to all of you individually and organisationally around the UK who have contributed to this. Thanks particularly to Dr Langley Brown and Dr Jennifer Haynes for your commitment and vision. Of course, as this progresses, we will share information on content and access.

Arts & Health Consultancy
There’s a cracking Arts and Health consultancy job going in Blackpool. Deadline is the 18th May and the fee is £25 - 30k. Click below for more details.  

Dementia & Imagination
I’m working with three very different artists as part of the Dementia & Imagination research project. I recently asked them to succinctly reflect on their ongoing work - here are there thoughts, respectively - Penny Klepuszewska, Carol Hanson and Jeni McConnell. You can read some more of Penny’s reflections on the Dementia & Imagination website.

- - - -

persistent repetition
not i
incorrect continuation of a response
not i
constant expression of a desire to leave
not i
is somebody there?
not i

let me know if you agree

and then what happens?

- - - -

Pasting cartoon wallpaper. Tinkering with cardboard cogs. Sitting in endless paper jams. Roll on Bank Holiday. Roll on Funny Summer...

- - - -

laughter-full rooms prick
unbalance expectation
darker places peep

- - - -

#Rites, is a powerful and provocative piece of theatre being performed at CONTACT this week, which explores the complex issues surrounding FGM, developed from testimonies from survivors and those still affected by the practice. Many of the interviewees are Manchester people. It’s a co-production with National Theatre of Scotland and Contact and is in Manchester at CONTACT from 12 – 14 May.

Grants to Help New, Innovative Visual Arts Projects 
The next deadline for funding applications to the Elephant Trust is the 15th June 2015. The Trust offers grants to artists and for new, innovative visual arts projects based in the UK. The Trust's aim is to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when confronted by lack of funds. The Trust supports projects that develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts. Priority is given to artists and small organisations and galleries who should submit well argued, imaginative proposals for making or producing new work or exhibitions. Arts Festivals are not supported. The Trust normally awards grants of up to £2,000, but larger grants may be considered. Read more at: 

…and last, but by no means least - a number of people have been in touch about the Recoverist Manifesto. You can access the online version of it either by clicking here, or also on the icon on the right hand side of this web page. If you just want an easy print option, click on the image below.


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