Saturday, 14 November 2015


On Monday this last week, a group of Arts & Health activists came together at HOME to explore our work and vision as part of a social movement, that largely grew in Manchester, and that could influence thinking and action as health and social care devolution kicks in across Greater Manchester next year. It’s early days to feedback in great detail, but safe to say our North West Arts and Health Network is at the heart of this conversation – so hopefully, we’ll have another big event here at the Manchester School of Art early next year. For now, you can read a relatively short blog posting about it from me on METROPOLIS, and for those of you who want to know more about the pros and cons of devolution, you can read a Kings Fund paper, fresh off the press by clicking HERE.

This blog may look a little bleak over the next couple of weeks as I spend time with friends and colleagues in Australia as part of the 7th Annual Art of Good Health and Wellbeing International Arts and Health Conference organised by the as ever inspiring, Margret Meagher of Arts and Health Australia. This will be a corker and I’m thrilled to be opening up proceedings with a new paper called ‘…all the time, the buzzing.’ More of that soon enough, but why all the bleakness on the blog? I normally manage to keep it going if I’m away from my desk. Alas – a small-scale tragedy of the everyday, stole away the very heart of my laptop. The hard drive – that thing we dread - has crashed. Being a resilient sort, I assumed it would just need turning on and off a few times, or else giving a tap on the side. But no: all things must die. Its time had come. The last back up I made was in early October and all my work since then has perished - everything. This includes the 30 minute film that I’d planned to share in Australia and in the UK in December. At least I have a print-out of the words! So – back to the drawing board and either a power-point (good grief) or else a miracle of time/space on an AirBus A380!!! 

Youth Music Grant Making Programmes 
Youth Music, England's largest children's music charity, which provides funding for music-making projects, has announced a new application deadline for its grant making programme. Grants are available to fund developmental music-making projects for children and young people up in challenging circumstances as well as projects that support the development of the workforce, organisations and the wider sector. The new funding programme is made up of three separate funds:
Fund A offers small grants (up to £30,000) for high quality music-making projects
Fund B offers medium-sized grants (30,001 - £100,000 per year) for larger programmes of work
Fund C offers grants (of up to £180,000) for strategic programmes to help embed sustainable, inclusive music-making across a local area.The types of organisations that are eligible to apply include charities, not for profit organisations and schools. Schools will however have to justify how to activities to be funded do not duplicate Department of Education funding. The closing dates for applications to Fund A is 5pm on the 22nd January 2016. Fund B and Fund C are currently closed to applications. Read more at:

Grants to Help New, Innovative Visual Arts Projects 
The Elephant Trust has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 18th January 2016. The Trust offers grants to artists and for new, innovative visual arts projects based in the UK. The Trust's aim is to make it possible for artists and those presenting their work to undertake and complete projects when confronted by lack of funds. The Trust supports projects that develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the fine arts. Priority is now being given to artists and small organisations and galleries who should submit well argued, imaginative proposals for making or producing new work or exhibitions. Arts Festivals are not supported.
The Trust normally awards grants of up to £2,000, but larger grants may be considered. Read more at

Wellcome Trust – Arts Awards 
The Wellcome Trust is inviting organisations and individuals to apply for funding through its Arts Awards. The Arts Awards support projects that engage the public with biomedical science through the arts. Applications are invited for projects of up to £40,000 through their small grants programme, and for projects above £40,000 through their large grant programme. The aim of the awards is to support arts projects that reach new audiences which may not traditionally be interested in science and provide new ways of thinking about the social, cultural and ethical issues around contemporary science. The next application deadline for small projects is the 27th November 2015. The deadline for large projects is the 17th February 2016. Read more at:  

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