Sunday, 7 February 2016


What an extraordinary week working in Dublin and Lithuania with friends old and new. Thank you for your brilliance and all the things you do as individuals, in groups and driven by shared values. Here’s a short film of the presentation I gave in Dublin about the background of the Manifesto for Arts & Health and its ongoing development. The voiceover was done in one, so excuse all the stammers and stutters! It's what you might call, a love filled slap in the face to dead-eyed middle managers and opportunist twerps. 

PhD Scholarship Competition 2016
MMU have £2.5 million available for PhD scholarships to support the most talented and ambitious new researchers across a wide range of specialist subjects. We are looking for high quality PhD candidates to help us deliver outstanding research that addresses some of the biggest challenges facing contemporary society. Arts for Health is leading a specific piece of work in this competition, and is looking to attract the brightest minds, most creative thinkers - and critically - someone with very strong interpersonal skills! Read about Devolution: The Arts & Health as a Social Movement, below.

Competition Timeline
. Submit your application by 9am on the 21 March
. Interviews with be held between Tuesday 29 March and Thursday 7 April
. The University Review panel will take place on the week commencing 25 April
. Applicants will be informed of their Scholarship application outcome by 31 May

All applicants should please read the PhD scholarship competition 2016 guidance notes for detailed advice and instructions on how to apply for Manchester Met PhD scholarship.

Devolution: The Arts & Health as a Social Movement
The project will explore the place of Arts & Health as a distinct social movement across Greater Manchester as part of the devolution agenda. It will interrogate existing practice and research across the 10 districts of Greater Manchester and map the public health potential and reach of cultural engagement in the 21st century. Want to know more? Click on the BANNER below.

Libraries & Health Update...
It was National Libraries Day on Saturday, and it’s good to see that the Libraries and Health initiative is blooming. It has just had its inaugural meeting in Liverpool and now has the support of Prof John Ashton , President of The UK Faculty of Public Health and also, The Patients Association. This is something we all should be a part of in some small way.

...and finally, Public Health England have just published - Arts for health and wellbeing: an evaluation framework. If a ‘standardised framework’ is what you want, this may very well help you.

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