Sunday, 21 February 2016

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After the last few weeks blogs on fascist dictators and the commodification of this arts and health landscape,* this weeks blog is a more gentle affair and first things first - here is an excellent open letter from the psychologist Richard Bentall to the beleaguered state that is Stephen Fry. It’s not about his performance at the BAFTA’s, but on his well intentioned advocacy around mental illness. Perfect in every way Professor Bentall. Click on his mugshot to read the letter.

Fancy a Chat?
I’m planning to run a smaller scale North West Arts and Health Network evening event here at MMU and would like it to be led by those of you interested in attending. So over the next couple of weeks, send me a short sentence about what you’d like to discuss in this arts and health community of ours. Send succinct ideas to by 11th March.

This Thursday 25th Feb between 13:00 and 15:00 at the Manchester School of Art and the Salutation Pub, fifteen masters students from the school will be sharing their work which responds to issues we've been exploring around all our mental health. This includes radical psychology, therapy and contemporary arts practice. They are a diverse group of people and I can't wait to see their work. If you want to come and explore it with me and meet the artists, I'll be setting off around the show at 1:30 prompt from the reception of the Benzie Building.

Royal Opera House
ROH Bridge Invitation to Tender: Researcher: Advocacy to Parents & Carers
Fee: £3500 for an estimated 14 days - including desk research, consultation and reporting. Royal Opera House Bridge is seeking an experienced researcher to work with the ROH Bridge team to conduct research into resources and targeted activity that advocates to parents and carers about the value and power of cultural learning in education. We are currently actively promoting Artsmark to schools across the region and see opportunity for further supporting schools that are committing to a whole school approach to cultural learning by providing supporting resources targeted at parents and carers. For a full brief and instructions on how to apply, click on the barrow boy.

People’s Postcode Trust: 
2016 Grants
Deadlines: 31 May/30 Sep
People’s Postcode Trust exists to try to make the world a better place through short-term, designated funding for projects that focus on the prevention of poverty, support healthy living initiatives and uphold human rights for some of society’s most vulnerable groups. It will also consider projects which help different communities come together for the benefit of their local area. People’s Postcode Trust seeks to help find real solutions to tackling the root causes of poverty and its consequences, by, for example, equipping people with the skills, knowledge and resources that they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Read more by clicking on the skyscraper or slum, below.

The Radcliffe Trust – Music Grants 

The Radcliffe Trust has announced that the next deadline for applications to its Music masking grants programme is the 31st August 2016. Through its music grant making programme, the Radcliffe Trust supports classical music performance and training especially chamber music, composition and music education. Particular interests within music education are music for children and adults with special needs, youth orchestras and projects at secondary and higher levels, including academic research. Applicants must be a registered charity or an exempt charity. Click on the Cat Piano for more details. Oh dear! 

* ...and the blind will lead the blind


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