Sunday, 3 July 2016

...what Monstrous Thing rhymes with Stove?

What on earth do I say about the political chaos in the UK? Not much really - we’re being governed (or not) by a set of machiavellian idiots. Give me governance that offers calm and considered leadership based on long-term vision, social justice and equality - not some vile Murdoch sycophant and trumped-up journalist. Let’s hope, out of all this chaos something will emerge. 

I have had the enormous pleasure of working with Vic McEwan this last 2 weeks with patients and colleagues at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital where Vic is undertaking a major project around sound in a 21st century health environment. Vic also shared his work alongside Dr Toby Heys who left me throbbing after his wonderful sub-sonic sounds! Thank you both and I am looking forward to sharing this work with you as it unfolds between now and next March.

The Chamber of Arts and Culture WA and the WA Arts and Health Consortium last week, released its report into arts activity in WA hospitals. To read the full report, click on the image of Purnalulu above.

Evidence of Experience 
with Christine Douglass
Presentation & discussion led by film maker/scientist Christine Douglass about her collaborative research involving women experiencing breast cancer.
14th July 2016
14.00 to 16.00
Manchester School of Art
In visual explorations of the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer, extreme vulnerability, the irreducibility of experience, and multiple co-existing experiential truths challenge the limits of representation and exhibition, raising many ethical questions. Christine Douglass’s praxis is based on the belief that working with individuals experiencing illness demands a respectful, collaborative research relationship. She will describe how and why she transitioned from scientist to filmmaker and what collaboration means in the context of her work, focussing on the ethics of how filmmakers, artists & researchers enter into other people’s lives and represent their feelings and experiences. Find out more about Christine's work by clicking on the image by T. Burke below. If you are interested in attending or want more information and copies of a short reading associated with the discussion please contact Jane Brake and remember, this is an event that's been organised by Jane and not Arts for Health, so direct any questions to her at the above email address. 

Still from What if? T.Burke, 2012

Artists International Development Fund 
The next application deadline for the Arts Council England's Artists International Development Fund is 5pm on the 26th October 2016. This funding stream is for artists to develop links with artists, organisations and/or creative producers in other countries. Freelance and self-employed artists can apply for small grants of £1,000 to £5,000 to spend time building these links to broaden their horizons and open their work to other perspectives. The programme is open to emerging and mid-career artists working in combined arts, literature, music, theatre, dance, visual arts and crafts and design. Applicants must have received recognition for their work in England and not have extensive international experience. The application must also a letter of support from the overseas partner/host. Read more at 

Funding for Music Creators 
The Performing Rights Society (PRS) for Music Foundation, the UK's leading funder of new music across all genres, has announced that the next application deadline for its funding programme for organisations and music creators is the 3rd October 2016. Funding is available to any music creator such as songwriters; composers; and solo artists; etc as well as not-for-profit organisation that support the creation and performance of outstanding new music. Through this programme, music creators as well as bands; ensembles; collectives; charities; local authority and schools; etc can apply for grants of up to £5,000. For example, AudioActive, a registered charity working to challenge disadvantage and enhance the development of children and young people by providing high quality creative and musical experiences throughout the South East, received funding. Funding was used to deliver music workshops to children and young people, with the aim of helping to nurture talented young musicians.

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