Monday, 19 September 2016

19/09/16 @ 9:00 BST

The Great Place Scheme (England)
Deadline (Expressions of Interest): 6 Oct
The Great Place Scheme will fund projects in areas where there is a commitment to embed arts, culture and heritage in local plans and decision-making.  By strengthening the networks between culture, civic and community organisations, and by involving citizens and local businesses, projects will enhance the role that culture plays in the future of each place participating in the Scheme. In time this will lead to the wide range of social and economic benefits that arts, culture and heritage can achieve. The Great Place Scheme is a pilot and will initially be delivered only in England. It aims to support 12 successful applicants from 12 places across England to participate in the Scheme, including four rural areas. The scheme is a partnership between Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England. Read more at:

Arts Council England: Celebrating Age
Deadline: 13 Oct, 12noon
Supporting cultural spaces and other organisations to be open, positive and welcoming places for older people; and taking high quality arts and culture into places where older people will find it easier to engage. Applicants must be working in partnership in a consortium with one lead organisation. To be eligible to apply, the lead applicant needs to be Arts Council funded, or have presented work to the public through ACE programmes.
Read more at:

Music Grants for Older People 
(England & Wales)
The registered charity, Concertina which makes grants of up to £250 to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly has announced that the next deadline for applications is the 31st October 2016. The charity is particular keen to support smaller organisations which might otherwise find it difficult to gain funding. Concertina has made grants to a wide range of charitable organisations nationwide in England and Wales. These include funds to many care homes for the elderly to provide musical entertainment for their residents.


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