Saturday, 26 November 2016

RECOVERISM - A Definition?

Since coming up with the notion of Recoverism with my colleague Mark Prest back in 2013, and the subsequent workshops I facilitated in the UK, Italy and Turkey which led to the Recoverist Manifesto, I thought I'd start the ball rolling with my faux dictionary entry from 2014. Enjoy.

Calling North West Arts and Health Network members - you are invited to What the Hell? - an evening with no agenda, but at which I may say a thing or two about this and that and you are invited to do likewise. On this rarest of rare occasions, I shall provide some crisps and drinks - so - who said glamour was dead? Call it a Christmas do, call it a fiasco, call it what you like, but between 6:00pm and 7:30pm on Wednesday 14th December we can have a get-together at MMU and discuss the things that matter. Email your intention to attend to me HERE and I'll send confirmation and venue next week. 

Below, a short and beautiful film from Lithuania, and no, you don't need to speak Lithuanian to understand it. And on the subject of all things LT, my personal congratulations to Simona Karpavičiūtė on the awarding of her PhD in Public Health - much hard work and well deserved. The counties first pioneering arts and health researcher.

It is with some sadness and disquiet that I report two humans, completely unknown to me, died in a fire in Manchester on Friday. I read that they were sleeping rough and had made a fire to keep warm in a building in the freezing hours of Friday morning. Still, I'm sure Black Friday - for what its worth - went swimmingly well later that day.

Arts-In-Health Program Manager
Queensland Health (Organisation site) 
Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Children’s Health Queensland

As the Arts-In-Health Program Manager you will be responsible for developing, managing and delivering an integrated Arts-In-Health program for CHQ HHS which aims to improve patient, family and staff wellbeing and to help build a therapeutic environment which reflects the diversity and richness of the HHS community and Queensland population. Click HERE. 

Black Panther Party
I just about love everything Khalid Raheem says about his time in the Black Panther Party. Click on the picture below to read his story.


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  1. everything to do with the Panthers is inspirational in the current climate. i am just discovering the extraordinary Stokely Carmichael and can recommend digging into his experiences; and for a contemporary primer, the superb film BLACK POWER MIXTAPE. of all current activist movements, Black Lives Matter seems to be to hold the most cause for optimism, both in terms of ideology and methodology...