Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The New Right presents - gouttes anti-odeur de merde

An oblique and not so oblique Christmas blog posting with thanks to one keen-eyed reader for sharing this disturbing footage of bloated ego-maniac and alleged arts/health pioneer. Shocking stuff and not for the faint hearted. Still, with the emergence of a new populist right, it's worth learning from this factual and important footage.

“A considered selection for gentlemen who favour a polished presence.”
Polished Presence? It being Christmas and all, I had a look on the aesop website and must draw your attention to the fetid stuff contained therein! Quite interesting that you can use a fragrance to mask the rank smell of more unpleasant odours. Well, we all need something to ‘combat the malodorous!’ - or, as they say themselves, something to ‘effectively neutralise disagreeable smells.’

Here's to 2017! 

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