Saturday, 11 March 2017

On the subtle power of lipstick…

I’ve just been reading the lucid and quite refreshing blog of Sarah Gaffney called...

ZIMMAZIMMATHREECOURSEWINNER just now with a name like that, it has to be good. It’s a mixture of health, style and art and as she says on the welcome page…

‘It all began in October 2016 when I was diagnosed with a Grade II Brain Tumour aged 29. I'm a Manchester based NHS Manager, MBA student and part-time painter refusing to be defined by illness and determined to live life to the fullest whilst navigating ‘treatment'. Here you will find musings about the things that matter most to me and bring me joy.’

This is really something - personal, warm and gently revealing in so many ways. Thank you for sharing Sarah. Read her blog HERE, or by clicking on the lippy.
Frontiers of Dance & Health

Royal Society for Public Health, Health & Wellbeing Awards 2017
The Arts & Health Award is one of the categories of the Health & Wellbeing Awards. It recognises organisations whose work has furthered the contribution of the creative arts to health and wellbeing. To enter, first you need to request your application pack which contains the application form and guidelines. Entering will provide your team and organisation with the chance to gain formal recognition for their contribution to public health. Category winners will also have the opportunity to be selected for the prestigious Public Health Minister’s Award. The deadline for applications is Friday 28 April. Go on, nominate yourself, because if you don't, you just know some jumped up twerp will and you'll regret it! Click on the crown to find out more.

BBC Children in Need Small Grants Programme 
Not for profit organisations such as schools; registered charities; voluntary organisations; churches; and community interest groups; etc. can apply for grants of up to £10,000 per year for up to three years through the BBC Children in Need Small Grants programme. The grants are available for projects working with children and young people of 18 years and under experiencing:
  Disadvantage through illness, distress, abuse or neglect
  Any kind of disability
  Behavioural or psychological difficulties
  Living in poverty or situations of deprivation.
The closing date for applications is the 1st June 2017. Read more by clicking on Hulme's concrete jungle!

Funding for arts & music projects 
The Austin Hope and Pilkington Trust has announced that their next round of grant funding will open on the 1st April 2017. During this funding round grants of £5,000 will be available to registered charities that have an income of over £500,000 for projects that relate to Music and the Arts. The Trust will run four funding rounds each year with a different theme and for each funding round will give priority to projects that focus on:
  Domestic abuse
  Activities for those with limited access or opportunities.
The closing date for applications will be 31st May 2017. For information on how to apply and on future funding rounds this year, please click HERE. 

**...and here is the most SUPERB collaborative opportunity!!!

Call for Creative Practitioners for Redevelopment of Maindee Library, Newport
Budget: Creative Practitioner Design & Consultation Fee of up to £13,000 +VAT, plus a £45,000 +VAT budget to implement creative/design interventions, based on capital works budget of £121,000 + VAT. 
Deadline for Applications is Midnight 23 April 2017 (Interviews scheduled for 09 May 2017)
Commission is expected to run from May 2017 – March 2018
Maindee Unlimited are inviting applications from Creative Practitioners (including artists/designers/architects, as individuals, studios, partnerships or group practices) to work on a project within Maindee Library, a volunteer-run community space on the eastern side of Newport city centre. The commission is to work with the Maindee Library Working Group and other key stakeholders to identify, prioritise and develop creative/design solutions and oversee their implementation towards the renovation and improvement of the library building as a flexible and creative space for community use. This commission is part of Finding Maindee – a three-year project supported by the Arts Council of Wales’ Ideas: People: Places strategic programme, which aims to test new models of regeneration and collaboration through the arts. The project is part-funded by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Garfield Weston Charitable Trust, the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme through Newport City Council and others. The project will be managed by Maindee Unlimited. The Creative Practitoner’s appointment is being managed by curatorial agency Addo. CLICK HERE.

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