Tuesday, 19 December 2017


This blogger will be signing out until the start of January, but small moments may float on and off the blog over the coming weeks…

For now:
Save the Date 23rd January 2018
The Harmonic Oscillator with Vic McEwan and Clive Parkinson
Where: HOME - Manchester
Tickets and details: HERE

Save the Date 6th February 2018 

Creative Health Revisited: Culture and the Arts as Social Determinants of Health
Where: The Manchester School of Art
Want to be involved? Want to register your interest in sharing your work? Just want to attend?
Email a short and sweet message to artsforhealth@mmu.ac.uk and remember, priority is given to those in the North West and particularly those with strong grass-roots experience.

Save the Date 5th - 7th March 2019
Advanced notice of the World Health Congress (Europe) 2019.
I am very pleased to let you know that over 2019 Manchester Central will be holding the World Healthcare Congress - and that I am proud to be working alongside the Whitworth’s Esme Ward, and together we'll be curating a dedicated arts and health theme for both of these, three day conferences.

This is huge in terms of arts and health connecting into mainstream global health events, and offers us a unique opportunity. 
Greater Manchester leads the way in the development of arts and health: its influence has international reach. From small-scale projects and multidisciplinary research, to systemic cultural change and a history of radical thinking, we believe in doing it differently. 

Participation in culture and the arts has the potential to enrich life experience, public health and human potential. This conference theme will interrogate the arts as a social determinant of health. Greater Manchester will act as the incubator to this global conversation and 
I'll share a lot more on this as our planning unfolds.

YAWN As the arts and health community begins some great shifts and changes, 2018 looks all set to be a spectacular year - a mix of bun-fights and enlightenment - and more on that very, very soon.

I see too, that Arts Council England has welcomed Elizabeth Murdoch into its National Council as the former head of Sky Networks established a £1.5 million fund for young visual artists. This is certainly one to watch. I can just imagine those tap-dancing venture philanthropists, champing at the bit to get her involved with their personal pet projects! All we can do, in the words of our Strictly Hosts, is - Keep Dancing!

...and finally As my research leave draws to a close, I extend my warmest thanks to all those people in the US who’ve shown an interest in Arts for Health and my evolving research focusing explicitly on inequalities and social justice. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to spend time with you, and to Carrie McGee particularly - my warmest thanks.

To friends old and new, my very best things for 2018 and all that is ahead of us…  ☁︎

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