Saturday, 22 June 2019

Your blogger is away #2

This last couple of weeks I have been the guest of the artists Vic and Sarah McEwan over in Birrego - just outside of Narrandera in New South Wales. Their home and workplace - The Cad Factory - has been my home too and I extend the biggest thanks to them and Holly for making me so welcome. I’ve been invited out here as part of a piece of work that The Cad has organised with funding from Create NSW to do two things - co-facilitate a residential workshop with people from all quarters of Australia exploring arts, health and social change - and begin conversations around suicide and grief which is looking towards a major experimental and performative arts event in late 2020. Those initial conversations have begun with Wiradjuri Elder, Auntie Lorraine Tye (and LS) - and I can’t thank them enough, alongside everyone I’ve met in my time out here. Powerful conversations moving towards something really quite profound. Thank you JJ in Lt and YM in Jp for kick-starting this difficult and collective conversation. Therein lies the key.

Normal blog service resumes next week, but for now a very early Nina Hagan film where you get the taste of what was to come. Quite wonderful.


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