Wednesday, 4 September 2019


Good morning everyone - and welcome to another blog posting! I was forced to search this blog the other day to remind myself of someone, when I saw that it consists of what seems to be a billion, billion words stretching back to September 2009. Then I stumbled on a few I'd put together on the previous Arts for Health blog stretching back to 2006. The whole thing makes me feel slightly dizzy - all those hours tapping away on my laptop. Lovely to see responses to blog postings from Mike White too. OK - too much nostalgia in search of lost time.

Why no mention of politicians, fantasists, bullies and psychopaths today? I need to hold my breath for a while before I commit...


Next Tuesday I'm thrilled to be working with Clare Devaney, and welcoming acclaimed photographic artist & urban explorer @NotQuiteLight 
& the sonic artist, journalist & activist @Olie_Martin to our interactive exploration of new ways to view & measure our world! Yardsticks & Dreamscapes: Beyond Measurements in Arts, Health & Social Change across Greater Manchester is taking place on Tuesday evening and you can find details and register HERE.   

Let’s Talk About It…
SICK Festival, which runs from 25th to 28th September, is exploring a range of issues around Death & End-of-Life Care this year. Deeply personal and at the same time universal, week two of SICK! takes a frank and honest look at death. The ethics, the inequalities, the tragedy, the grief, the wonder, the humour - the experiences of death and dying and everything that surrounds it. Guaranteed to not only make you think, but make you think again about your relationship to the emotions surrounding end of life care, death itself, and the process of grieving for those of us left behind. World premieres, UK premieres new perspectives, fresh thinking and world class entertainment for you, your friends, family, colleagues and teams. Many events are free, with the rest ‘pay between’ so you can pay what you want for advance tickets. Pay as little as £5, or pay the full £15 to fund access for others, or pay anything between the two. You choose.
(Image above Mats Staub) 

Manchester’s first dementia-friendly music festival, celebrating the creativity of people living with dementia. Music has the power to connect: with loved ones, the joy of the present moment and with memories. It can help people to feel happier and less anxious. The So Many Beauties project offers. creative music-making opportunities for people living with dementia. On BBC Music Day 2019 The Bridgewater Hall will host Manchester’s first dementia-friendly music festival. The festival will provide a safe space for people of all ages to explore different musical activities. No previous musical experience is required to enjoy the day!

We’ve teamed up with Camerata, Music in Hospitals and Care, Bridgewater Hall and RNCM to put on a dementia friendly festival on BBC Music Day, Thursday 26 September. There will be relaxed performances of lots of different types of music, music making sessions where people can explore playing accessible instruments and create new music on the spot, performances of music created with people living with dementia, panel discussions and information available from a wide range of dementia related organisations both local and national.  It should be a really lovely, uplifting and celebratory event. It’s a free ticketed event and tickets are available from

Big thanks to Dawn Prescott for hosting Professor Kamei and Professor Ueda last week.


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