Friday, 13 December 2019

What does a leader look like?

A quiet, considered and ethically driven person?
A belligerent, posturing and vain liar?

. . . 

More of that towards the bottom of the page, but here and now, Manchester museum is hosting one of the most exciting jobs I've seen in a very long time.
I want it, I want it!

Director, Sector Support Agency for Age and Culture
Salary : £52,559 to £62,727 pro rata per annum (Depending on experience)
Employment Type : Fixed Term
Contract Duration : Starting as soon as possible for 3 Years fixed term
Hours Per week : 0.5 FTE 
Closing Date: 10/01/2020

Are you committed to challenging ageism and excited about the potential of creativity, arts and culture to change lives? Manchester Museum and partners in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub and Greater Manchester Combined Authority have secured funding from The Baring Foundation to establish The Agency, a sector support organisation for age and culture in England and are looking to appoint a Director.

The role of Director will lead on the development of The Agency. The Agency will investigate the profound shifts needed to tackle ageism and create sustainable age friendly culture and communities. By leading The Agency, you will enable it to act as an advocate to funders and policy makers and be able to connect people and organisations leading age friendly culture across England and beyond. In its first year, the agency will initiate a major investigation into diversity, age and the cultural sector. This is your opportunity to design, lead and develop a programme that will advocate for creative ageing. You are someone that can inspire artists, cultural organisations and the public to lead activities across the country and persuade the media, policy makers and funders to get involved.

For full details click HITHER.

People of the Abyss*

Just the sight of Weinstein last week, tottering into court pushing his mobility aid makes me feel sick. This gelatinous man symbolises everything wrong in these days that herald the death knell of old capitalism and the dawn of a new super-aggressive popular capitalism. His insurance company will settle out of court and as he heads into further criminal charges, he has the audacity to play-act the helpless, frail old man. Pathetic. The big guy with the cigar and a penchant for violation - Mr Hollywood - Mr Free-Market-belives-he-buy-anything-he-bloody-wants. You’ve got the cash - just buy it! Like Green - Mr Tippity-Tappity-I’m-so-attractive-to-young-models - yeah right - money eh? Morally bankrupt. Buy my films, buy my clothes - just keep on buying you mugs.

* Apologies to Jack London, whose work of the same title feels less historical and very prescient. 

This week Johnson, (not ‘Boris’) - at every opportunity - this self aggrandising, privileged and arrogant man has chosen to continue his popular diatribe on getting brexit done - oven ready - all the one liners he’s capable of, while not for one second having a decent discussion, just lambasting everyone else and never giving a coherent response. A simple mantra for the masses. And the people lap it up unable to cope with anything more than a soundbite. Please don’t worry that he has a history of racist, homophobic rhetoric - all good humoured of course - or that he acted ‘unlawfully’ - or that he laughs and talks over everyone who speaks to him and lies and lies and lies.

Like that ape in the Whitehouse - that ranting mass of excreta - volatile - impeachable - not impeachable - teflon. Macho bravado, money and arrogance. This is what we get. Capitalism comes of age. All consuming, hyper-fast, vain and destructive, modelling behaviour for the masses to replicate. So many people said that Jeremy (not ‘Mr Corbyn’) was boring, uninteresting - just because he wasn’t the posturing and macho politician that we’ve all been indoctrinated to believe is what we want. He’s not all soundbites, he’s capable of nuanced and deeply considered conversations. He’s not a one trick pony and he was our option for politics that weren’t predicated on aggression and hyperbole, but long-term social change. And so, our little island begins its sad descent into the extremes of poverty, division and privatisation on a scale previously unimaginable.

For those of you dewey eyed and excited to work on the Government's social prescribing agenda - be very cautious - you could be part of its cost effective  art-washing of all societies problems, never getting to grips with the factors that create social and mental unrest. Get me a one way ticket* to Finland, Iceland, New Zealand - somewhere where I can hunker down for this decade long winter of consumption and social collapse.

* OK - to be honest, I’d readily accept Scottish or Irish citizenship tomorrow.     

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