Friday, 19 March 2021


For the first time in over a decade, Google saw fit to delete my most recent blog posting - New Moves in Arts, Health & Social Change - for reasons that are not yet clear. I apologise if you've come to these pages hoping to check in on:

  1. The launch of the National Centre for Creative Health
  2. A Culture of Care: Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance National Conference
  3. INEQUALITY * POWER * SUSTAINABILITY - the Culture, Health & Wellbeing International Conference​
  4. Reimagining the North West Arts & Health Network
  5. Covid Life Book
  6. SOUNDS at the EDGES - and much, much more.​

I'll report back on this ASAP - when I find out how I have infringed any Google rules! But just how the hell do you actually contact a human being at Google?

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