Sunday 17 March 2019

A new post at Arts for Health...

First things first - I’m happy to be advertising a part-time 12 month early career researcher post with me at Arts for Health. We are looking for someone not only with the prerequisite skills and experience set out in the job description and person spec, but someone who really enjoys getting out and meeting people from all walks of life - and believes that culture and the arts in all their forms, can contribute to social change. All the details are HERE.

A short blog from me this week, and if you want a bit more of the personal filth and grit, I’ve contributed a small offer to Paintings in Hospital’s 60 Years, 60 Voices campaign. Find out more by clicking on the de Chirico image below.  

I have had the great pleasure of taking part in two very different and very exciting events this week: one in Rochdale Town Hall in an extraordinary event where I met some ace and really inspiring people. More on that soon. For anyone who asked to see my presentation online, you can find it HERE.

M6 Theatre Company blew me away with their short piece for one actor, 
written and directed by Rochdale artist Parvez Qadir and based on the urgent and critical theme of child criminal exploitation, which explores amongst other issues, gang culture and looks at what it means to feel trapped with no escape routes. The second event was in the Wallgate Chippy where I spent the day with people from Manchester and Wigan exploring a bold new collaboration called Home in Your Heart, facilitated by Tracie Daly. Great to take The Manchester Declaration on the road to both these two communities.

I have to say a big thank you to four of my MA Arts, Health & Wellbeing students who took a huge part in this event, and have been a treat to work with. Thank you. Big thanks too, to Dave and Pedro at ShortForm for going way beyond the call of duty.

If anyone around Greater Manchester wants me to come along and share The Manchester Declaration - just get in touch here.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with many of you over at the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance conference next week. 

Here's a sweet song for the week ahead. Small - but perfectly formed.


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