Friday, 27 December 2013

...está muy próximo

Being a natural cynic to all things supernatural, I was surprised to receive the gift of an extraordinarily old Ouija Board this year. With feverish anticipation, I set about arranging my first yuletide seance and prepared a room that was suitably dank and musky (fuel hikes mean I’ve turned off the heating in part of the house). I have to say, I’d recently been reading up on spiritualism and in particular (thanks SG) that body of work known as ‘spirit photography,’ and am pleased to report, I had already conjured up the unholy spirit of Ted Serios, courtesy of another singly malted gift! Don’t know him? I urge you to have a look at this compelling evidence by clicking on the spirit photograph below.

Can you imagine, (dressed as latter day Aleister Crowley) the complete surprise as my trembling hands were guided by forces beyond this world and over 6 torturous hours, the following text was spelt out meticulously whilst I was entered by the spirit of Quentin Crisp! I provide the text below, with only the redaction of profanities that would offend readers of a seasonal disposition. 

AHHHH! Too late, you missed it. Christmas and New Year are over and you missed this pleasantly offensive yuletide gibberish, which has now been filed away. I leave dear Quentin in place above and a seasonal remnant below, as we move forward into all things impossible, near-possible and possibly-maybe 2014.

Only good things to friends and colleagues for all that lies ahead...C.P.

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