Sunday, 9 September 2018

Arts for Health

First of all a big thank you for all of you who came and took part in two events with me this week - on Wednesday the masterclass - The International, National & Local in Arts, Health & Social Change at The Whitworth (some of whom, pictured above ) and on Thursday at Manchester School of Art - The Manchester Declaration. Of course, now I'm left with all that superb material from the declaration session and I'll begin to bring it all together, alongside some thinking from smaller sessions around GM. What has been really special this week, has been meeting new faces from the wider field - people I've not met before with exciting ideas. New blood - sublime! More on the Manchester Declaration on the evolving MIAHSC website very soon.

Of course - huge thanks to the artist, Professor Yutaka Moruguchi for sharing her work and lived experience, which are inextricably linked. I'm pleased to tell those of you who met Yutaka, that she  got safely home to Osaka. Thank you to the Great British Sasakawa Foundation for enabling her collaboration with us. To Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt, Wendy Gallagher, Daisy Strang, Francine Hayfron and Holly Grange - your work is superb - thank you.

World Suicide Prevention Day -
Vigil of Remembrance

6.30pm –7.30pm
Monday, 10th September
World Suicide Prevention Day
Lowry Plaza (in front of Lowry Theatre)
The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ.

Greater Manchester over the last five years has lost 1,279 family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to suicide.
The ‘Vigil of Remembrance’ will remember those that we have lost and demonstrate to those that have lost loved ones to suicide that the community is here for them with this mass demonstration of support. It will contribute towards smashing the stigma that is associated with suicide in all its forms, and contributing to a community that enables people to discuss suicide and enable people to disclose when they are experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideas.

More details from START - HERE.

Deadline 29th October 2018
Conference Date: 5 – 7 March 2019
Venue: Manchester Central, UK

The World Healthcare Congress Europe will showcase new approaches to health and social care delivery. In today’s current climate healthcare professionals are facing a multitude of political, social and financial challenges. The conference will explore how the revolution of healthcare delivery will have a significant impact on health. Our audience of 1,000 will consist of representatives from all sectors of healthcare, academia and leading government agencies. The Congress will provide a platform for the discussion of three themes, one of which is Arts for health & social change. I'm honoured to be co-curating this conference theme with Director of Manchester Museum, Esme Ward.

The possibilities of the arts in all their forms impacting on health and social change, is of growing interest to communities and policy makers alike. In the UK the All Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health & Wellbeing published the groundbreaking report, Creative Health illuminating new possibilities in how we understand and address contemporary health challenges.

This conference theme will focus down on the possibilities of culture, heritage and the arts in the context of issues ranging from how we might address the social determinants of health – to research and practice around the life course, our mental health and how we age well.

In Greater Manchester, a city region that is central to the birth of the arts and health movement, this theme gives delegates the opportunity to experience and interrogate the ways in which we understand the lived experience of communities and the factors that influence public health, address inequalities and influence health outcomes. We propose that participation in culture and the arts has the potential to radically shape the future of the health and social care landscape and give voice to the most marginalised members of our society.

Find out more about the conference HERE.
Submit an abstract HERE.


Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust comprises Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge. This is the post that Damian Hebron held until recently. It's salary is £42,414 to £49,969 p.a. pro rata. More details HERE.

“Painting, writing, singing, dancing, freeing minds and opening hearts, moving, feeling building healing, this is why we truly, love arts.”

A CELEBRATION OF CREATIVITY & MENTAL WELL-BEING IN LEEDS - the Love Arts Festival will be taking place between 4th and 13th October and is one of the UK's most important arts and mental health festivals. All the details are HERE.

Ravi Thornton event
On 24th September there's an interesting event taking place in Waterstone's in Manchester's Arndale Centre. See the poster below for details.


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