Saturday, 1 September 2018

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

Here you go - it’s September already.

It just comes along and - whoosh - another year has gone by.

This last week, I saw bats and dragonflies competing for food as the sun set - a small scale wonder caught in invisible thermals.
Just now, I ran down through a thicket of trees on the hills over the top of the town.
That golden yellow decay creeping into the branches. 
All thoughts of this yawning week ahead dashed from my mind.

. . . 

A couple of things for you this week - for those of you wanting to know and experience more of the methodology of Dementia & Imagination, artists Claire Ford and Kate Sweeney will be facilitating some training workshops for artists based on the Yellow Book up in Edinburgh between 17 - 20th September. If you want to know more or book a free place, click HERE.

The Role of the Artist in Perinatal Mental Health - A Seminar
Manchester Arts Gallery
September 21st

11:30 - 16:30
Cost - £5 including light lunch

As part of The Other in Mother touring installation, Arc, Stockport and Arts for Health is facilitating a seminar for artists interested in perinatal mental health, as well as health professionals, students and mothers. Hosted by Manchester Art Gallery, the seminar will be an opportunity to explore:

- Who is working in the field
- Case studies and best practice
- The gaps and skills needed
- Sharing networks, practice and ideas for commissions.

The seminar will include an exploration of Arc's installation of manipulated objects and images which explore the maternal transition, The Other in Mother, with lead artist Sarah Greaves. 

Speakers include:

Anja Wittkowski, Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Manchester
Sarah Greaves, lead artist, The Other in Mother touring installation
Helen Knowles, curator, Birthrites Collection, contemporary artwork dedicated to childbirth
Helen Sargeant, artist, member of MEWE collective (artists interested in the maternal)
Amy Dignam, artist, curator & founder of Desperate Art Wives
Katy McCall, Learning Manager, Families, MAG

This event will host a discussion around the impacts of the different aspects of the work - individual artists making artwork about their experiences, non-artist mothers engaging in the arts and artists with a socially engaged practice creating works informed by mothers' experiences. We will ask how the arts can promote an honest and public debate around perinatal mental health. How do those projects/artworks/results affect awareness of perinatal mental health issues and policy – what is their impact on support for vulnerable mothers?
Click HERE.


Over in Texas, those good ol' folk planning the NOAH conference offer yet another sponsorship opportunity - I quote: ‘Add Your Swag to the NOAH Bag’ - in other words, you can throw a leaflet into the conference bag for $300. If that doesn’t entice you, and you’re keen to sponsor their conference ‘Reimagining the future of Arts in Health’ they offer a whole raft of sponsorship opportunities: An ‘Expo Booth’ at $5000, ‘Keynote’ at $3500, ‘Photo + Video Documentation’ at $2500 or you might be a ‘Conference Patron’ at $1000, a ‘Conference Angel’ at $500 or a humble ‘Conference Friend’ at $100! Ahh way to go - reimagining the future of arts in health. Keen to know more on sponsorship opportunities, just click HERE.  I see too that they are offering some incredibly interesting sessions, here's one: 

'Looking for the very latest in updates on professionalizing the field of arts in health? 
Adding artists in residence to your program? Looking for fresh ideas for community engagement and musical programming? Attend this special session for a Q&A with the NOAH Professionalization Committee and complementary discourse on how to effectively bring visual arts and music into your local healthcare settings!'

Sounds cracking. 
Want to read about the stellar line up? Click HERE

Hospitalfield is Recruiting a Creative Producer – Place Programme for Angus and a Programme and Communications Manager. What more could you want? Click on the image below for details. Deadline 15 September!


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